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Ride The Wave was born out of a love for the ocean, sand and fitness. A place to stimulate the mind and body in an inspiring setting. The ocean soothes the soul and our indoor space is infused with positive vibes and vivacious energy. We embody a life that encourages exploration, fitness, and above!  Ride the Wave provides unforgettable memories, experiences and adventures through yoga, fitness, SUP, community gatherings and some cool SWAG. Moments like watching the sunrise from your paddleboard, a moonlight yoga class on the beach, your first experience hitting a bag, empowering yourself lifting some heavy weight off the ground, or just stopping in to rent a board on your way to the beach. 

We are passionate about what we do and give back to the community with many programs supporting veterans, first responders, youth, and individuals with disabilities.  We take every challenge head on and learn something from every adversity we face. Life is here, right now...RIDE THE WAVE!

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This is home...we live here and we give here. Classes for youth, individuals with disabilities, our HERO network, our students and those who paved the way.

Small Group & Private training for:






Beach Bootcamp

SUP Yoga

SUP Fitness


 Sunrise to sunset, the beach and water are our playground and the studio has this amazing view all year long. 

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